How to Season a New Tagine

Many Moroccan recipes use a tagine during food preparation. This makes the tagine a must have item for those who love Moroccan style food.

Once you have purchased a tagine, make sure you care for it properly to extend it’s lifespan. Before you get started cooking, make sure you season your tagine.

Zamouri Spices shows you how to season your tagine so you enjoy tagine dishes for a long long while. Check out the video.

If you are interested in purchasing a tagine, visit Zamouri Spices to see the variety they have available.

How Argan Oil is Produced

Argan Oil is one of Zamouri Spices most popular items. Faithful customers love to use it in cooking and for their skin care routine.

Where does Zamouri Spices Get its High Quality Argan Oil?

The Argan tree grows only in a specific region of Morocco. Zamouri Spices imports its argan oil directly from Morocco and purchases it from fair trade cooperatives ran by Moroccan women.

How do Argan Oil Cooperatives Produce Their Product?

This is a great behind-the-scenes look at an argan cooperative that produces some of the oils sold at Zamouri Spices. It is six minutes long, but gives us an insider view of how and where the Argan Oil that we use in our kitchen and on our skin comes from.