About Us

Hi! Glad you made it to Zamouri Blog. This blog is another arm of the Zamouri Spices family. We think our company is pretty awesome, but we don’t always get the word out. This is one way we plan on getting in touch with our favorite people…our customers.

Zamouri Spices is a unique company, because, although we sell spices, our company is about so much more. Our focus is on the whole person. We want you to be healthy, well-fed, and beautiful without a bunch of additives and chemicals.

If you’ve never heard of Zamouri Spices, we are a family owned company established in 2003 by the Elbertai family. Majid was not happy with the quality of spices he was able to purchase locally, so he decided to import some spices from his native Morocco. Mary, his wife, realized that many people felt the same way. Together Majid and Mary formed the company Zamouri Spices.¬†As the company grew, they begin to offer cookware, Argan oil, skin care products and other products. If you are curious, visit them at the Zamouri Spices website.

Here, we are going to share information, recipes, videos and about anything else we can come up with. Stick around and join the conversation, because we love getting to know you!